WAL 505: Ermes Gasparini vs. Matt Mask (Official Video) Full Match

8 400 Показвания 576 хил.

At WAL 505 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ermes Gasparini ran into Matt Mask in an intense match that featured two beasts colliding.

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  1. 9mil
    преди 8 дни

    If Matt shouts at me like that,I ll give him my wife!!!

  2. Suleqo Osman
    Suleqo Osman
    преди 8 дни

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikbbvvvbbvcccddddttrrerteebbvccccvvvvvvvbccddtrreeebbccddrttrrreeerrgyttrreeebbvvvv Bvccdddtrrreebbvccddddttrreeeeeebbvcccdddd6ttrkasimiiiiiii

  3. Studio One
    Studio One
    преди 11 дни


  4. Just a Driver
    Just a Driver
    преди 26 дни

    Matt need no Motivation, Mativation needs Matt😅

  5. Midnite_Lace
    преди 29 дни

    These men are roided out!!! Lol

  6. Tom Morgan
    Tom Morgan
    преди 29 дни


  7. Dimtiri
    преди месец

    Love it when Matt pins guys he looks around ' huh what what huh ' lol

  8. prasad dhar
    prasad dhar
    преди месец

    We cannot se the setup because of your lyrics 😒

  9. Khoirul Amri Siregar
    Khoirul Amri Siregar
    преди месец

    Fake referee

  10. Mohammed Owais
    Mohammed Owais
    преди месец

    Matt “Don’t touch me right now” Mask

  11. Brandon Miller
    Brandon Miller
    преди месец

    Matt mask the whinyest athlete ive ever seen

  12. Kredo
    преди месец


  13. Jesús Gómez Pérez
    Jesús Gómez Pérez
    преди месец

    Muy buena técnica, aprovechó la ventaja de su tamaño de muy buena forma.

  14. Rob j
    Rob j
    преди месец

    Matt Mask is soo chill

  15. Frankie Armenio
    Frankie Armenio
    преди месец

    Matt mask 😂😂😂😂 so funny never beat Devon never beat Michael Todd aha

  16. ArmWrestling is LIFE
    ArmWrestling is LIFE
    преди месец

    The Announcer 😎

  17. Livan
    преди месец

    Dont even say go at this point. Not a single match started on his call.

  18. RJ Gaming
    RJ Gaming
    преди месец

    Fire bart, look at ref in Todd vs Devon in Dubai. That Asian guy did great job

  19. Shak Arora
    Shak Arora
    преди месец

    Lord Jesus loves you all

  20. pip jersey
    pip jersey
    преди месец

    no point in even saying 'go' in this they seem to always start before it

  21. Verbal Vertigo
    Verbal Vertigo
    преди месец

    forshadowing - look the cans 4:20

  22. QuattrPycc
    преди месец

    Mask vs Laletin👍

  23. Simone Sartori
    Simone Sartori
    преди месец

    Now Gasparini win🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  24. Tony Malone
    Tony Malone
    преди месец

    at least amateurs follow the rules...this is frustrating. matt isn’t lifting the sport.

  25. GoodBadMedium
    преди месец

    This was wack, bart is just letting them go before he says go. Fuckin have some pride as an arbitrator.

    1. Enzo Coffani
      Enzo Coffani
      преди месец

      Bart is in the board of Wal

  26. Sandy Mahara
    Sandy Mahara
    преди месец


  27. Terarmy
    преди месец

    Matt can be a really scary intimidating dude! But when you get to see him in normal life, he’s a big pussycat! 😝 I’m a new fan!

  28. Peppe
    преди месец

    Eventually the truth came out, Hermes is clearly superior to Matt and the Wall is a farce.

  29. Martino doni
    Martino doni
    преди месец

    We have seen who is really better in a serious match

  30. Kazım Kıyaklı
    Kazım Kıyaklı
    преди месец

    The winner: that Anthony Hopkins lookin guy who gets intimate with Matt's forearm.

  31. Saga8181
    преди месец

    Vendetta è compiuta.

  32. Руслан Калюжный
    Руслан Калюжный
    преди месец

    Маск круче

  33. Bucket Mouth Inc
    Bucket Mouth Inc
    преди месец

    I’m half Italian and I don’t lift weights but man genetics plays a huge part in my arm strength. I’ve always been stocky and muscular. I think I’m going to start training and take arm wrestling serious. 💪🏼 🇮🇹 💥

  34. Lester
    преди месец

    Bart: "Aa, Ah!"

  35. Isaías Duarte
    Isaías Duarte
    преди месец

    I'm here to feel better about Matt Mask. Ermes is just too strong right now.

  36. Auden Terzi
    Auden Terzi
    преди месец

    2:38 Watch Ermes' elbow on his first start

    1. Andre Davies
      Andre Davies
      преди месец

      It was fine. You don't know the rules?

    2. Jacky Lau
      Jacky Lau
      преди месец

      Ermes win the last match so u stfu

  37. pino Kitasc
    pino Kitasc
    преди месец

    American nervous chicken

  38. Vlogs By Alejandro
    Vlogs By Alejandro
    преди месец

    I just realized... Matt Mask vs Wagner Bortulato would be an amazing match. I wanna see them scream at each other! 😂

  39. Mr. Timedying
    Mr. Timedying
    преди месец

    Who is here before the second supermatch between them?

  40. Justin Hoskins
    Justin Hoskins
    преди месец

    omg get Bill Collins in there.

  41. Kevin Lu WX
    Kevin Lu WX
    преди месец

    Wtf Matt Mask was levitating at 13:10

  42. Kevin Lu WX
    Kevin Lu WX
    преди месец

    Ermes actually false started in the last 2 rounds. Watch the slow motion replay, his head jerked back earlier.

  43. Out Smiter
    Out Smiter
    преди месец

    I didn’t see any arm wrestling, Larry Wheels ran such a great event, if the WAL doesn’t get new refs, nobody will want to watch these dumb matches.

  44. Boxcar Ent.
    Boxcar Ent.
    преди месец

    Ermes is bigger and stronger now than at this point.

  45. Alex Saitama
    Alex Saitama
    преди месец

    No fair, Matt Mask beating up on a kid straight out of High School.

  46. mkingms
    преди месец

    dirty by Mask to slam the guys arm while still in the strap at 7:07

  47. MrJBleedge
    преди месец

    Matt Mask crying like a little bitch as usual

  48. Josh Dingess
    Josh Dingess
    преди месец

    @world armwrestling League Matt Definitely did a huge pull on Ermes at 9:26-9:28 before he said go and it was counted as a win. I'm not a huge fan of either guy, but theres no reason why you shouldn't catch that especially since you have the ability to view each pin...?

  49. M K
    M K
    преди месец

    My man was left hanging. Tried to play it off lol @9:48

  50. Timung Family
    Timung Family
    преди месец

    Shouting unnecessary he gave u first round as a gift okkk

  51. Jai Poh
    Jai Poh
    преди месец

    You need guys like this. Loud people. Mask is fun.

  52. Samier pawar
    Samier pawar
    преди месец

    Matt mask is jacked logan paul🤣

  53. Edward mac
    Edward mac
    преди месец

    Damn armwrestling and he fought floyd Mayweather

  54. INCIT3D
    преди месец

    That old dude stroking Matt's arm while smiling and making eye contact was super uncomfortable.

  55. Лесной болван
    Лесной болван
    преди месец

    Кошмар! Какое ужасное судейство! Жаль Гаспарини 😬

  56. David Ivarsson
    David Ivarsson
    преди месец

    Im wondering if they have test of drugs,cause it seems cocaine is the chosen one 4 this things...

  57. David Ivarsson
    David Ivarsson
    преди месец

    Everytime i see matt mask is getting more and more pulish his skull...excess of testosterone make loss hair...

  58. Ìceculcul
    преди месец

    Granny is loveing his hand arms more😝 10:22

  59. Raul rangel
    Raul rangel
    преди месец

    They do coke before or is it just me

  60. Amir Khan
    Amir Khan
    преди месец

    matt mask looks like he's about to fight Floyd Mayweather tomorrow

  61. Bob Seaver
    Bob Seaver
    преди месец

    “Six foot six, serial killer look”... 😂😂😂

  62. SuperMobian
    преди месец

    bad starts all day long, when will be get a machine that stopps this unfair shit?

  63. Timothy Tavares
    Timothy Tavares
    преди месец

    Dude I cannot wait for the 12th. If Mask shows up at 265-275, I think he wins this handily.

  64. ouzahor pamu
    ouzahor pamu
    преди месец

    Why is it so hard for them to have a decent start the ref really needs to work on his timing once they close their f****** hands the refs need to put both his hands on top of their hands so they can make a closed fist and as soon as he lets go he should say go at the same time and then they should pull

  65. Kaan Türk
    Kaan Türk
    преди месец

    In a neutral grip we all saw what happened . 2:39

  66. Houssem Eddine Mhiri
    Houssem Eddine Mhiri
    преди месец

    Why do arm wrestlers act so agressive in wal although we all know they are just good guys

  67. Bill Nowottny
    Bill Nowottny
    преди месец

    who can cheat the most at the start

  68. OH, Hi Matt
    OH, Hi Matt
    преди месец

    Cant they use some sort of pressure detecting thin strip in between the hand to stop arm wrestlers from not starting until they say go?

  69. Jari K L
    Jari K L
    преди месец

    Lord Jesus died for our sins on the cross and rose from the dead on the third day. If we repent and believe + trust in Lord Jesus, we will be saved, from hell and lake of fire, to everlasting life.

  70. Ivan Kovacevic
    Ivan Kovacevic
    преди месец

    I like Matt but Ermes was stronger that day, Matt won cuz of terrible referee

  71. Wicklash
    преди месец

    I like workhorse better than wildhorse, i wont lie.

  72. The Mooser
    The Mooser
    преди месец

    GASPARINI Got fucked on this match I believe had they had a real ref he would have won 3-0

  73. The Mooser
    The Mooser
    преди месец

    The best practice puller Aka the Afterpull

  74. Frankie Armenio
    Frankie Armenio
    преди месец

    Gasparini 😂😂😂 thinks he’s tough aha what a chooch

  75. FarmerCal
    преди месец

    the happiness of the old man who gets to help matt shake out is so pure lol, he's so excited haha 10:28

  76. English Experts
    English Experts
    преди месец

    Mask is like a woman with pregnancy delusions

  77. giovanni amato
    giovanni amato
    преди месец


    1. Simone
      преди месец

      Manca poco!

  78. Ненад Николовски
    Ненад Николовски
    преди месец

    On 12 th June Gasparini win...

  79. JMS x
    JMS x
    преди месец

    Why so much chalk are they serious hahaha

  80. Mattia Loppi
    Mattia Loppi
    преди месец

    Gasparini will destroy Matt mask in 2021 with serious rules

  81. Дима 777
    Дима 777
    преди месец

    Судейство полный бред

  82. Ariel Nunes
    Ariel Nunes
    преди месец

    The best match I have ever seen was a Devon and Matt, man that was really exciting!

  83. Lee M
    Lee M
    преди месец

    this ref is always so angry lol rrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaeaddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy SET GO!!!!

  84. Chris yep
    Chris yep
    преди месец

    Love seeing how intense matt gets especially after watching his channel and seeing what a down to earth dude is is

  85. Obrońca Prawdy
    Obrońca Prawdy
    преди месец

    Musk Will never win with Gasparini in Europe. WAL is specific🤣🤦‍♂️

  86. StealthAssasin 1Day
    StealthAssasin 1Day
    преди месец

    Looking at this cements how Bart Really sucks as a Ref.

  87. Engr.H.M Basir Ijaz
    Engr.H.M Basir Ijaz
    преди месец

    Matt >> little gasparini

  88. Jay Cuthbert
    Jay Cuthbert
    преди месец

    Matt mask away from the table - sweet guy with a heart of gold and quite reserved in many ways who loves to share advice when he can and adores his fans and support system. Matt mask in competition and at the table - a complete and utter psychopath with the intensity and look of a monsterous serial killer during one of their murders lol

  89. Jay Cuthbert
    Jay Cuthbert
    преди месец

    Lmfao that sound ermes made after first pin is hilarious he sounded like a hysterical angry house wife kicking off with their husband lol

  90. ArmFight Analyst TV
    ArmFight Analyst TV
    преди месец

    This video was Ermes motivation to get even more stronger than ever...i believe Ermes's computer and phone wallpaper was matmask face😂😂

  91. Anonymous
    преди месец

    Too much whining Ermes.

  92. Cupcake
    преди месец

    ermes keeps complaining that his wrist is bent backwards when they start but its literally because his wrist is weaker than matt mask's and every time they pressure up his wrist goes XD

  93. The Luminous One
    The Luminous One
    преди 2 месеца

    Gasparini Superpump 250

  94. Nayan Khutle
    Nayan Khutle
    преди 2 месеца

    ❤️😎 gasp

  95. Blackwater Wolfdogs
    Blackwater Wolfdogs
    преди 2 месеца

    I would like to train Mr Gaspirini to beat Matt

  96. D F
    D F
    преди 2 месеца

    Imagine Matt being a elementary teacher...lol poor kids..

  97. Jack SPinner
    Jack SPinner
    преди 2 месеца

    Are they coked up?

  98. Terrell Spivey
    Terrell Spivey
    преди 2 месеца

    The new and improved Ermes is gonna be interesting to watch!

  99. Henrywilliamjr
    преди 2 месеца

    Ermes in after pull is as strong as Matt in the match.

  100. vdveenusa
    преди 2 месеца

    Mask really needed the money here